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VSQL++ for PostgreSQL

VSQL++ for PostgreSQL is a PostgreSQL database management software that supports PostgreSQL 8.0 or above
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19 August 2014

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This tool helps manage PostgreSQL databases.

VSQL++ for PostgreSQL is a database management software program. It can help derive significant gains in productivity in development and administration of PostgreSQL database. It is possible to create, organize, access and analyze PostgreSQL database in a simple fashion with this utility. The VSQL++ for PostgreSQL provides a very convenient and efficient workflow and simplifies database management such that the efficiency and accuracy of the work are improved. The objects that could be handled with this tool include the database, of course. Besides, it will help you handle Schema, Table, View, Function, Trigger, Sequence, Aggregate, Domain, Language, Tablespace, etc. Managing the connections to the database is possible; this tool also makes navigation easy. If you need to edit data down to record and fields level, this utility provides a data viewer and an editor to make changes and corrections.

Import and export of data are possible in several formats. Managing SQL processing such as query generation and harvesting data can be done with this tool very easily. Several features available with the tool support server security and maintenance. The interface presented is quite well-organized and should be easy for the IT types to handle the operation. You get a complete view of the database structure. The controls are quite intuitive too. When you choose to view some element from the structure, you are able to see the details on the panel on the right. For example, you could choose tables on the tree to get a view of all the tables in the chosen database. This is a good product.

Publisher's description

VSQL++ for PostgreSQL is an database management software unrivaled for ensuring the greatest possible productivity in development and administration of PostgreSQL database.
VSQL++ for PostgreSQL provides the most convenient and efficient workflow, simplify database management to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the work. With VSQL++ for PostgreSQL, you can quickly and easily create, organize, access and analysis PostgreSQL database in easy way.
PostgreSQL Objects Management
Objects: Database/Schema/Table/View/Function/Trigger/Sequence/Aggregate/Conversion/Domain/Type/Operator/Operator Class/Cast/Language/Tablespace etc.
Connection Management and Navigation
Data Viewer and Editor
Data Import/Export
SQL Processing
Server Security and Maintenance
VSQL++ for PostgreSQL
VSQL++ for PostgreSQL
Version 3.1.12
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